Renaud Piette

Sales Director & Co-founder

Jean-Christoph Rouleau

Operations Director & Co-Founder

Marc-Antoine Vallée

Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Mathilde Ducharme

Communication & Social Media Manager



Like most great ideas, it all started over a cold beer with JC, Renaud etc. At this point, none of us were growing plants at home. After opening his second cold one, J-C asked us the questions that started everything: "Now that it will be legal to grow up to 4 plants per household, a lot of people, like us, will try indoor growing for the first time. Imagine we start growing tomorrow morning...How would we even know where to begin? Where would we get the proper equipment? What exactly do we need to do once we are equipped? Where do we get the right information?

And we all know what three guys with unanswered questions do after three IPAs at the bar do – they drink three more until they forget about the questions they were asking in the first place. In most situations, that’s what we would have done. However, later that evening we all found ourselves on our phones searching for the answer.

We quickly realized that there was a lot of information out there: different equipment, different mediums?, different strains, different seeds, different nutrients and mostly, different information. It seemed like everything was there but there was no clear guidance, or nothing making it easy for a beginner to start growing with confidence. Furthermore, it was difficult to understand if the information was good or bad.. After further research we quickly understood why.. Most of the optimal growing environments and techniques will depend on what equipment, growing medium, strain, nutrients or water the grower will use. No wonder why so many growers are debating on forums! Everyone grows differently and develops their owns techniques.

That is when we decided that any grower or want to be grower should have a safe "go to" place where they could buy a turnkey indoor growing kit to start growing their own plant home. But it was soon after that another question arose: "How do we provide our customers with clear guidance through their growing journey?" Providing the equipment needed wasn't going to be enough. In order for us to guide them properly, make sure they can trust us and get successful harvests, we needed to provide our own soil and nutrients formulas adapted to our products. With the help of a professional agronomist, we designed a properly calibrated soil and nutrients formula made for indoor growing and created our own step by step indoor growing guide. We can now trustfully provide any growers with everything they need to grow indoors. And most importantly, provide clear and reliable information to follow, adapted to the products they're using.

In summer 2018, one-year after J-c's questions at the bar, Piverto was born. Today, we are one big grower family and we make indoor growing easy and accessible for everyone who’s interested. We've been growing with our customers since then!